Friday, 3 July 2015

Quickie Review for a Quickie Book

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Reluctant Book Fairy
(BiblioMysteries: #23)
Written by Elizabeth George
 2015; 93 Pages
Genre: mystery, suspense, novella

Rating: ★★★1/2

(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).

This is my second BiblioMysteries (Short Tales about Deadly Books) novella and I really enjoyed this whimsical tale. Jane Shore disappears in the background of her eight siblings and always seems to fall ill. It is during one of these spells she learns she has the ability to really immerse herself into a book. She can send herself and others into plots and characters of any book. Her quiet life is soon turned upside down when her secret is discovered...

I liked the premise of this story as this would be the superpower I would most like to covet. The chance to be a character or see the plot of your favourite story unfold would be so cool (except maybe Hunger Games or A Game of Thrones). George is a great writer that keeps you engaged and wanting more from this short piece.

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