Friday, 7 August 2015

TBT: Disturbed...just not enough

Written by Kevin O'Brien
2011, 528 Pages
Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller

Rating: ★★★

Molly is newly married to a divorced man with two children still living in the home his ex decorated. When her stepson's guidance counsellor is murdered things start to come apart for everyone living in the cul-de-scac. Secrets, lies and revenge are all in play while there is also a serial killer loose killing families who live in cul-de-sacs.

First of I liked this novel but found much wrong with it at the same time. After finishing the novel I still have no clue what

the prologue was supposed to explain to me. After a few chapters I figured out the murderer but the author was clever enough to keep me intrigued and reading. Molly was a but annoying as she always seemed steps behind everything in her life, but I liked her stepson, Chris as a character. 

I am finding myself debating on whether to read any more of O'Brien's books.

k (My Novelesque Life) 

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