Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mystery Monday Extra: The Case is Closed

(Miss Silver Mysteries: #2)
 Written by Patricia Wentworth
1937; 253 Pages
Genre: mystery, detective

Rating: ★★★★

Geoffrey Grey has been convicted of his uncle's murder but his wife and wife's cousin think he is innocent. Just before his murder Geoffrey's uncle, James changes his will to a nephew he has always disliked. Upon telling Geoffrey that he no longer his heir the older man is found dead in a locked room with the knife in Geoffrey's hand.

Hilary, Marion Grey's cousin is heartbroken over the conviction and what it is doing to her cousin. When on a train she is confronted with James's cook she begins to think there is more to the story than what was presented in court. As the young girl gets deeper into solving the murder she also becomes a target. Her ex-fiance hires Miss. Silver a P.I. who steps in to help.

This is the second novel in the Miss. Silver and I am hooked. Unlike other novels from the era the knitting P.I. has a smaller role in the books, She is often called on the case halfway through the novel. The book focuses on the character involved in the novel. If you like cozy mysteries, noir, old time radio programs this might be the novel for you.

k (My Novelesque Life)

P.S. Tomorrow in our Toddlers, Tots and Teens will be a Young Adult Mystery!

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