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TBT: Pamela Callow's Kate Lange Trilogy

I totally picked up Pamela Callow's novel, Damaged because of it's cover - it told me it was a suspense novel and book one in a series to come - sold!

(Kate Lange: #1)
Written by Pamela Callow
2010; 453 Pages
Genre: canadiana, law, suspense, thriller, romance 

Rating: ★★★★

Damaged is Callow's debut suspense novel but don't try to label it as just a medical or legal thriller because you will miss out on SO much.  Kate Lange, a new lawyer in Nova Scotia, is being haunted by her past (her sister's death and the break up of her engagement) so obviously throws herself into a new case.  Her legal advice to her new client appears to have led to her granddaughter's death.  As Kate tries to clear her reputation she is thrown  in the path of a serial killer!

Here begins a new favourite character and author for me! Kate is a strong realistic female character.  She does get herself into stupid situations but never to the point that you have to roll your eyes.  And, who would not enjoy the mysterious brooding Randall! I cannot wait to get my hands on the second Kate Lange book. I also really like the fact that it is set in Nova Scotia, Canada versus Vancouver or Toronto - something different for me.

(Kate Lange: #2)
Written by Pamela Callow
2010; 502 Pages
Genre: canadiana, law, suspense, thriller, romance

Rating: ★★★

A great sequel to the first book Damaged. Randall Barrett is looking forward to spending time with his children this summer but things go wrong right from the beginning.  First his son decides to go camping instead of sailing with him, and then his ex-wife reveals a devastating secret in the heat of an argument.  The next morning his ex-wife is found dead from a fall of the balcony and he is the main suspect.  Kate Lange is an associate at his law firm and just a few months ago they had sparks fly that are still burning hot.  Will Kate be able to help Randall when everyone else has left him to drown.
I love that these novels are set in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) versus the usual Vancouver or Toronto setting.  It's nice to see something different.  Callow being a lawyer and hailing from Halifax she is able to bring out the realism in the novel.  It is a quick pace thriller that has you flipping pages till the end!

(Kate Lange: #3)
Written by Pamela Callow
2012, 416 Pages
Genre: canadiana, law, suspense, thriller, romance

Rating: ★★1/2

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)

Kate Lange's past is coming front and center starting with France Sloan. Frances has ALS and wants Kate to lobby for assisted suicide on her behalf. Frances is the mother of Kenzie Sloan who was once friends with Imogen (Kate's sister). It was Kenzie's house party that Kate dragged Imogen from and ultimately led to the car accident and Imogen's death. The memories flood back as Kenzie, now a tattoo artist, is coming to visit with her mother in her final days. Kenzie's former boy friend, McNally, has also been recently released from prison and has his sight on both Kenzie and Kate. With Randall in New York, Kate is unsure where there relationship stands and if she should wait for him. Ethan Drake her former fiancee has decided he wants to try again and will do anything for her. In the next few days things from the past will bubble to the present and only some will make it through.

I love Kate Lange and this series. I remember the Sue Roderiguez (a case involving a woman who would like to have assisted suicide) case and how it affected everyone involved. I liked the plot of this book but it some how felt impersonal.  Every sub-plot seemed a bit rushed but this is in comparison to rest of the series.  Funny, it is the novel that involves Kate's sister that seems the least personal.  I still liked this novel and would recommend this series.

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