Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mystery Monday Extra Special: The Chinese Shawl

(Miss. Silver: #5)
Written by Patricia Wentworth
1943; 320 Pages
Genre: mystery, detective

Rating: ★★★★

Laura Fane has returned to London to collect her inheritance but it is not the happy moment she
anticipated. Her father was expected to marry a cousin but instead fell in love with Laura's mother. Her father has left her everything including the estate that his jilted fiancee occupies. She wants Laura to sell her the place so she can leave it to her niece Tanis. Laura is not sure what to do.

When Laura is summoned to visit Tanis' aunt Laura discovers Tanis is manipulated and will do anything to get her way, including blackmailing. When Tanis ends up murdered Miss Silver is on the case and everyone is a suspect.

Another great mystery in the Miss. Silver series. Randal March, Miss. Silver's former charge aids her in solving the murder. I like the chemistry between the two much like Holmes and Watson. The way they bounce off of each other makes the solution of the mystery much more enjoyable.

k (My Novelesque Life)

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