Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Throwback Toddlers, Tots and Teens Tuesday

Tonight I am doing a review of a novel that I read four years ago but is a series that is still doing well.  I may be in the minority about this book...

(Fallen: #1)
Written Lauren Kate
2009; 435 Pages
Genre: young adult, paranormal


After a bizarre fire kills a friend, Luce is sent to a reform school Sword & Cross to "recover".  Most of her classmates seem odd yet intriguing. One student in particular catches her eye, gorgeous and standoffish, Daniel Grigori. He turns out to be a Fallen Angel and they have spent many lifetimes trying to be together.

I started out liking the novel and the teen angst and longing was not annoying like Bella and Edward. I thought that the "mystery" (quotes because you know what it is and it says it in the synopsis but it still remains unnamed) dragged out for too long and even when answers were given it still came out stilted. I sort of felt letdown when everything was explained. Unfortunately, I will not continue with this series as I don't have any curiosity left for the series.

k (My Novelesque Life) 

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