Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Debut Author Review: O'Connor & Kincaid Series: Part I

(O'Connor & Kincaid: #1)
Written By Tess Diamond
2015; 113 Pages
Genre: romantic-suspense, mystery

Rating: ★★★★

(I received an ARC from the AUTHOR in exchange for an honest review.)

When Tess Diamond asked me to review the first book in her trilogy I went straight to the synopsis and was relieved that it was a novella-length romantic suspense.  I said yes and picked it up a few weeks later and was pleasantly surprised at what I read.

Maggie Kincaid was once FBI's best hostage negotiator until a case went wrong and Maggie slid into self-doubt.  With the disappearance of a Senator's young daughter Maggie has been pulled in by her mentor to bring the girl home safely.  Maggie was once kidnapped, along with her older sister, and knows what it feels like to be a victim but also has insight to how evil thinks and acts.  The Senator's has hired his own investigator, Jake O'Connor, an ex-forces security expert who has his own way of doing things.  As time starts to run out the two must join forces if they want to save a young girl and bring her home alive.

Please note that this novella does end with a cliffhanger but book two (Game of Lies) has already been released and the third novella (End Game) will be released on December 3, 2015.  All three books must be read in order and cannot be read as standalone stories (think serials).  Each is a little over a hundred pages and are quick suspenseful reads.  I enjoyed the character of Maggie Kincaid as she is realistic and also flawed.  You get hints of when she was kidnapped as a child and later when a case goes south and tears her to pieces.  It is this characterization that keeps you reading.  I liked the banter between her and mysterious Jake O'Connor and that we find out about Jake as Maggie does.  In an 113 pages, Diamond gives us so much without bogging the reader down.  The cliffhanger gives us the kidnapper's identity so you think what does book two have in store for us...I will let you know tomorrow as I am currently in the middle of GAME OF LIES.

TESS DIAMOND is a romantic suspense addict with a taste for danger - and chocolate cake. She lives in Colorado Springs with her law enforcement husband, two kids, and ferocious Jack Russell guard dog. She always dreamed of being an FBI agent, and now she almost is - if watching 24 reruns and plotting her next novel counts.

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  1. Excellent review and I wish I'd read it before I started the book! Hadn't planned on reading them back to back but now I must! Loved it.

    1. Thanks, Jonetta :) I do wish books would let you know whether it is one overall story or loosely connected.