Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Who Me?

Dear Reader,

First, thank you for taking the time and giving my blog a try :)

My favourite question!
The question I always get from readers is "what should I read next?"  

I have worked at a library, bookstore, university and (now) again at another library, but I mostly get this question outside of the "bookish" environment (for example, I was often asked this question while I was working in the Admissions department at two separate universities).  To sort of explain why that is...the thing is when I am not working my day job my nose is usually voluntarily stuck in a book, or an eReader or listening to an audiobook.  This is more noticeable in a non-book environment, and those interested in books are not necessarily a book addict.  I find that I really love this question and it is interesting to see how much book dialogue this can produce.  I also relish in the challenge - finding the right balance of matching a great book to an eager reader.
My Happy Face

It is more than just loving a book and telling everyone you ever met that they "MUST READ" this said book.  First, I like to ask what books people have read and liked so I can narrow down the genre, and style and then throw out a few titles with a brief verbal review. Working in a bookstore I used this conversation style a lot. We were also given ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) so that we could try a book and recommend it if we liked it.  But this time you are letting people know if this a book they should pick up or pass on.

I am a great fan of Michael Ondaatje's work and have enjoyed most of his poetry and books I have read.  BUT when I recommend any of his pieces I make sure to note the kind of reader that would enjoy this style of writing.  Ondaatje is very lyrical in his words and his imagery unfolds like a poem (even in his nonfiction) so it is not for fans of cozy mysteries or legal thrillers.  And, yet I have given both Michael Ondaatje and John Grisham ★★★★ (meaning I would recommend this book and would do a reread), but I have liked them for very different reasons and try to make that clear to anyone that reads my reviews.  If there is anything I can ever approve on or any suggestions you may have  - I am always up for comments! And, please never hesitate to get further clarification on any my reviews (my.novelesque.life@gmail.com).

My Book Stance
Just a little snapshot of the person behind the books...
I live in British Columbia, Canada - born and raised in mostly mild weather, but was indoors a lot due to seasonal allergies.  I am an only child and as a kid that meant a lot of times characters from books would be my imaginary siblings, lol. Any loneliness I felt, books would take me away to another place and time.  I must confess this right away...I have a severe case of reading addiction - I love buying and reading books in all formats and genres, and talking about them to anyone who will listen. My first job was as a Page (shelver) for a public library, and to further support my university tuition, I took a job at a local independent bookstore. It was there that I really starting my book collection - often getting free copies or ARCs- and also obtaining a weird knowledge of books I've never read, or figuring out a book from 10 words or less. I have also worked in Admissions for a few academic institutions (my commute always gave me a lot of time to read) and I am now an auxiliary Library Assistant at another public library.

When my nose is not stuck in a book...
Ain't that the truth!
I love watching classic movies (anything Bette Davis or Katharine Hepburn has me sold), anything BBC or PBS, crime/mystery/thriller shows, paranormal dramas (think Buffy and Grimm), true crime programs (Dateline) and sometimes silly things that can only amuse me (ahem, Grey's Anatomy). I also enjoy drinking tea, writing whatever the muses grant me, sketching, baking and running my (face to face) book club (11 years now!).  I also love window shopping, cooking, and lazy days with my boyfriend, trying out new restaurants and talking about random things with my best friends and spending any other time with my 5-month old nephew (my cousin's son).

Happy Early Canada Day to my fellow Canadians...
I will try and write a little bit during my day off tomorrow but please come back on Thursday, July 2, 2015 as I will reviewing 3 suspense thrillers Stacy Green written by in her Lucy Kendall series.

k (My Novelesque Life)

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