Saturday, 2 January 2016

Some Words for 2016

Written by Oliver Sacks
2015, 64 Pages
Genre: nonfiction, essays

Rating: ★★★★1/2

Last January, Oliver Sacks was told that his cancer had returned and that he had about a year to year and half to live.  In coming to terms with his terminal illness, life and death he sat down at different points and wrote these four essays.  Sacks's collaborator and his partner took these four essays and put out this collection of essay after his death.

I have only read excerpts of Oliver Sacks's works but he has a great narrative flow to his fascinating nonfiction pieces.  These essays are quite the same...but in a more personal sense as this is his last words and his own life and death. This collection is hopeful and inspires one to write their own bucket list so that when the time does come, like Sacks, there are no regrets.  And, one of those regrets I don't want is not reading more by Oliver Sacks.

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