Friday, 29 January 2016

TBT: Memory Lane

Cover I remember!
For today's Throwback Thursday I will be taking a trip down My Novelesque Life memory lane.  Tonight at work we had a troop of Brownies visit the children's section of the library.  They were so excited to read the books they would pick out.  Their excitement was really infectious.  I remember when I was in Brownies, many moons ago, I too went with my troop to visit a library.  Honestly, I could have cared less about the tour as I already knew every crook and cranny in that library.  I was ready to pick out my books and start to read them (I was told I could only check out two books and would have to come back with my parents - harrumph!).  I sometimes get flashes of when I was a kid going through all the books and finding one that I had not read yet.  I would take my time looking and my parents never rushed me as they probably knew that would not get me moving any faster, lol.

Loved these covers.
Last week when I was manning the desk in the Children's section a young girl - just in her teens - came over and asked for help.  She has read everything that she can think of and was wondering if I had any suggestions. I recognized her from when I check out her books as she always takes out a whole bagful of books.  I took a moment and smiled as my heart warmed to this girl.  I spent the next 30 minutes going through the section and discussing books with her (and we did find her plenty of books to read and a few new ones on hold).
Only one of my favourites!

I was like that as a kid - taking out a bagful of books. I read most of them too.  I also did a lot of rereading.  From my elementary school days I remember taking out Freaky Friday, every Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books they owned multiple times.  Picking up any of those books now brings back good memories. (and sometimes bad ones but usually reading a book would take me away from the horrible stuff) I remember when I discovered John Bellairs and had to get every book I could...(sorry lost in thought for a moment).  I think that is one of the reasons I still enjoy reading children's books - especially if that author is still writing.  Last year I saw a new book by Mary Downing Hahn - who was one of my favourite authors as she wrote suspense, horror, historical, and contemporary fiction- Took and I HAD to try it....she still has it...that magic that transforms it's reader no matter the age to another time and place.

As part of this feature I may reread some of my favourite books and authors as a kid and write a review of why I first picked it up and how it holds up years (decades) later!

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