Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Toddlers, Tots and Teens: More than Just a Good Read

INSULTS AREN'T FUNNY: What to do About Verbal Bullying
Written by Amanda F. Doering 
Illustrated by Simone Shin 
2015; 24 Pages
Genre: picture book, children's, bullying

Ratings: ★★1/2

I am not a parent but I feel that the issue of bullying should be on everyone's radar.  To stop bullying from escalating or moving from verbal to physical we as adult have to make ourselves present and approachable.  In this book we see poor Casey - who loves playing soccer - verbally insulted by fellow teammate Dana.  Dana picks on Casey over everything that goes wrong.  Casey soon not only starts to dislike the game but also feel fear.  A friend that sees this bullying instructs Casey to trust an adult and he goes to his coach.  This action that causes Dana to stop bullying him and Casey returns to the love of soccer.

I enjoyed the way that Doering tells the story but also educates us on what is happening and how to go about stopping someone else's behaviour.  This is a good book for adults and kids to sit down together to read.  

Written and Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger
2015; 32 Pages
Genre: picture book, children's

Ratings: ★★★1/2

Max and his owl, Marla are determined to be Olympians and they prep their sled and go out to practice.  When they fail they brush themselves off and go back to the drawing board and get ready to go out again.

Drop Everything And Read!
Yes, I am owl obsessed but OMG what adorable pictures of Marla and Max! I really enjoyed this cute story with a big message.  We are so focuses on making children feel special and unique that we seem to be building them up for failure.  Yet, if we prep them for failure and how to keep going when things don't work out we send a greater message and prepare them for more (in my opinion).  I love how Max does not give up when things go wrong.  BUT love how this does not get him down at all.  He's disappointed but is quick to move on.  I recommend this book to everyone.  It is a feel good story that will cause anyone to have a better day!

Written by Dev Petty
Illustrated by Mike Boldt
2015; 32 Pages
Genre: picture book, children's

Ratings: ★★★★1/2

Frog wants to be anybody, or anything, but a frog. "You think I like always being wet and cold?" asks Frog to his father.  His father asks what other animal would he be and has a ready answer for why he can't be that animal.  He points out Frog is a frog and can only be a frog.

A cute story about someone wanting to be someone else and having that discussion with his father.  It is a great way of showing how you need to accept who you are and they way you are.  I liked that it is not a "you are special" kind of book but has humour about acceptance of yourself rather than having others tell you are great. Great illustrations as well!

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