Sunday, 3 January 2016

Year of Challenges

For the past few years I have been setting book challenges to add a little personal competition to my
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016
reading.  Last year I set a challenge of reading 265 books in 2015 (Goodreads Reading Challenge), working on catching up on series (I finally caught up on In Death series as well as a few other series), and also to read more historical and classical books (read more than 70).  I did so well that I have set the bar a bit higher this year.  I will be trying to read 275 books this year, working harder on catching up on several more of my series in progress, and being a part of many more historical/classic challenges (try for 85 books).  You can follow me on my Goodreads' page and see my progress, but I will also be making updates here.
Have you set up any book challenges for yourself this year?

k (My Novelesque Life)

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