Thursday, 4 February 2016

TBT and Wooing Wednesday in ONE!

(Cabot Sisters: #1)
Written by Teresa Medeiros
2005; 284 Pages
Genre: historical romance, paranormal, humour

Rating: ★★★★

It is left to Caroline Cabot eldest of three sisters to make sure her sisters are taken care of and find good matches in marriage. Portia the youngest is convinced that Vivienne's suitor, Adrian Kane, is a Vampire along with most of London ton. Caroline tries to figure out the secret of Adrian but soon finds herself falling for her sister's husband-to-be.

I really really liked this novel! It is what Jane Austen and Mary Shelly would have written if they co-authored a novel. It is witty and sexy and FUN! The only difficulty with this novel is which brother do you like best?  And which sister should get him?

(Cabot Sisters: #2)
Written by Teresa Medeiros
2006; 373 Pages
Genre: historical romance, paranormal, humour 

Rating: ★1/2

It has been 5 years since After Midnight and Portia is all grown up and still in love with Julian. Julian has left home looking for his soul so he can be the man that Portia deserves. When Julian returns to London women are being murdered...bled...and Adrian, his brother, and Larkin think it might be Julian, but Portia believes otherwise. Portia will go to the ends of hell to get Julian's soul and Julian must stop her before she is killed. Will they both get what they want...each other?

Love love loved this novel and series. I love the mixture of historical romance and paranormal. It is a witty and passionate story that has you in love with the Kane brothers and cheering on the Cabot sisters. It is a great read for anyone that loves the wit of Jane Austen and the Gothic touch of Mary Shelley.

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