Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thoughtful Thursday!

Today I am taking over Throwback Thursday for Thoughtful Thursday...

TODAY'S THOUGHT: The Supernatural 

If one of your favourite genres (romance, mystery or classic) suddenly mixed with the Supernatural...would you try it?  There seems to be a market for it so you may have that decision to make.  I, myself, have always been intrigued with the supernatural.  I like stories - oral, books, television, movies, etc that have that mysterious element.  I am a huge fan of mysteries and often will read anything - barring that a cat is solving the mystery.  And, stories about the supernatural are a mystery in itself.  One of my favourite books is Firelight by Kristin Callihan that is a historical romance with mystery and supernatural.  The way Callihan is able to combine all those aspects with great characterization and plot makes it a real winner for me. While I respect science and realism in my life...I enjoy the "unknown" in my creativity.

Now back to Throwback Thursday.... 

(Darkest London: #1)
Written by Kristen Callihan
2012; 372 Pages
Genre: historical, romance, mystery, supernatural, paranormal

Rating: ★★1/2

(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).Miranda's mother died leaving her in the hands of her greedy father who taught he how to pinch items. Since she was blamed for the fire that burned his warehouse Miranda feels obligated when her father makes her steal for their income. She is soon promised to the Lord Benjamin Archer the mysterious masked man.

Miranda is intrigued by Archer and wants to know more about him and what is behind the mask. Archer loves her and wants to share himself but is afraid she will run away if she sees who he really is. After their wedding older men connected with Archer are being murdered by a masked man which all but Miranda believe is Archer. Can discovering what is under Archer's mask unmask the murderer?
Drop Everything and Read!

I love Beauty and the Beast and have heard some poor retelling of the story but was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this novel. The Victorian setting with swashbuckling action mixed with paranormal romance made for an original and exciting novel. I love the passion and romance of Archer and Miranda. I am ready for book two, please.

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