Thursday, 11 February 2016

Throwback Thursday: Romantic Suspense

For today's Throwback Thursday I will be reviewing a Nora Roberts romantic suspense novel that I think is a true RS.

2015 Kindle Cover
Written by Nora Roberts
1991; 512 Pages
(Read in 2013)
Genre: romantic suspense, mystery, thriller

Rating: ★★★★

Things in Innocence, Mississippi are anything but innocent. A second women in this small town has been found murdered after having a public row with one of the wealthy townspeople. Tucker a lady killer is suspected of being a killer of ladies, as both women were known to Tucker in more than a friendly manner. People are divided in what they think has happened and who has done. Caroline has returned to her mother's hometown after a breakdown to recover in her late grandmother's home. She soon finds herself involved with Tucker despite all her protests and finds herself right in the middle of a homicide case. Sex, secrets, betrayal, revenge and love has blown up in small town Innocence.

Roberts and the South make a good combination. It is a Gothic Southern  RS novel at its best. Whether you figure out who the murderer is or not you will be reading to the last word (I discovered the killer but it was a pleasure reading to the end). The bad boy go with the flow Tucker is exactly what makes straight-laced good girl Caroline uneasy -- and attracted. If you are looking for romance and suspense this is a good novel to start with!

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