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Wooing Wednesday: Virgin River Part I

Have you ever wanted to escape from your life just for awhile? Take some time away from the stress and problems that seem to just pile up?  If this sounds even a bit fabulous right now...come with me to the fictional small-town VIRGIN RIVER(California). It's a place that feels like home - where everyone knows you, accepts you and you can be just you. And after several hardcore suspense thrillers Virgin River is just what I need.  For this Wooing Wednesday I am going back to a series and author (Robyn Carr) I discovered in 2012. I am almost caught up on Carr's THUNDER POINT series and wanted to share some of Robyn Carr's gem.  She is the type of author that leaves you with hope.

(Virgin River: #1)
Written by Robyn Carr
2007; 386 Pages
Genre: contemporary, fiction, romance

Rating: ★★ 1/2

Melinda (or Mel) Monroe, an ER nurse in LA, has burned out especially since the murder of her doctor husband, Mark.  In a quick decision she to sell her house and move to a small town she has never seen to help the local doctor as a midwife.  She soon discovers this is a bad idea as the cabin she is given is falling apart, dirty and plain unlivable.  The local doctor, Doc does not think he needs help and the town is so small there is not much to do or go.  Things start to change when she meets Jack Sheridan - the owner of a bar/diner and when she delivers her first baby.  Will this be enough for Mel to stay in Virgin River for good?

If you are a fan of  Susan Wiggs or Luanne Rice you will soon add Robyn Carr to the list.  These are sweet cozy novels about love and life.  They are not fluffy or light but neither are they depressing.  From the first few chapters I was drawn into Mel's life and the town of Virgin River. I like the way Carr introduces main and secondary characters.  I love the romance between Jack and Mel and the crotchety-ness of Hope and Doc.

(Virgin River: #2)
Written by Robyn Carr
2007; 386 Pages
Genre: contemporary, fiction, romance

Rating: ★★ 1/2

Paige Lassiter, and her young son Christopher show up at Jack's bar lost, hungry and  Paige beaten.  John "Preacher" Middletone quickly finds himself not only feeling protective of the two strangers, but actually falling for both of them.  Also going on in Virgin River...Liz is pregnant with Rick's baby and they must decide what to do next....Mel is pregnant as well still practicing with Doc. And Jack is getting in everyone's business - including little sister, Brie whose husband has just left her for her best friend.

I really like this novel!  It reminded me of Susan Wiggs's Lakeshore Chronicles that you continue to know what is going on in the past characters lives (and adding new characters).  You definitely have to read these in order but you will not regret is like visiting new or old friends.

(Virgin River: #2)
Written by Robyn Carr
2007; 386 Pages
Genre: contemporary, fiction, romance

Rating: ★

There is a lot going on this novel...Brie Sheridan, Jack's little sister and pet, has been raped and is now recovering slowly psychologically. (She is a prosecutor and was raped by the man she was prosecuting).   Mike, a former womanizer and cop , steps up to make Brie feel safe again and show her he loves her.  After being shot on the job Mike know what Brie is going through. And Jack of course interferes every step of the way.

Preacher is trying to get Paige knocked up but it just isn't happening - their problem might be too much sex!  There is also a new family in Virgin River - the Booths -former General Walt Booth with his teenage son Tommy and his daughter Vanessa.  Vanessa is pregnant while her husband, Matt, is still in Iraq. His best friend, Paul Haggerty (who is in love with Vanessa) is there to help her every step of the way.
The young girls in VR are being date-raped with roofies and contracting a STD. Mike and Mel are on the case. Brenda, the girl Tommy is interested in, was one of the victims.
This is so far my favourite book in the series (which might be the case with every new book - lol).  I love the Mike and Brie storyline as well as Tommy and Brenda's.  I found that the action started right away and did not stop till the last page.  The multiple storyline only makes it a better novel as it makes you feel like you really are in Virgin River.

Virgin River 

1. Virgin River (2007)
2. Shelter Mountain (2007)
3. Whispering Rock (2007)
4. A Virgin River Christmas (2008)
5. Second Chance Pass (2009)
6. Temptation Ridge (2009)
7. Paradise Valley (2009)
8. Under the Christmas Tree (2009) (in That Holiday Feeling) novella
9. Forbidden Falls (2009)
10. Angel's Peak (2010)

11. Moonlight Road (2010)
12. Midnight Confessions (2010) (in Midnight Kiss) novella
13. Promise Canyon (2010)
14. Wild Man Creek (2011)
15. Harvest Moon (2011)
16. Bring Me Home For Christmas (2011)
17. Hidden Summit (2011)
18. Redwood Bend (2012)
19. Sunrise Point (2012)

Author's website and more fun Virgin River stuff:

k (My Novelesque Life)

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