Friday, 18 March 2016

Flashback Fiction Friday: The Wentworth Boys: The Hook

This is a story I wrote back in 1999 when I was in a Creative Writing course

Written by Kris Kaila 

            If it were not for the Wentworths, our lives would have been dull.  In a small town with only one movie theater, where a picture ran for months, the Wentworths were our only real entertainment.  Everything about them was glamorous.  The way they talked and even just the way they lived their lives fascinated our town.  The things that the Wentworths would be remembered for years later were their parties. The senior Wentworth parties, winter through fall, went on for hours until the morning light would finally indicate the end.  The senior Wentworths’ threw the most elegant parties, where the town’s upper crust would allow themselves to mingle with the upper and lower middle class.  The wealthy used these parties as an excuse to remind the not so rich what they lacked. Yet no one had ever declined an invitation into the Wentworths’ lives.  These parties ended almost as elegantly as they had started.  By morning the affluent people were seen disappearing into their expensive new 1958 model cars.  Most were half drunk on the verge of vomiting over their new upholstery.  Meanwhile, the other guests, the not-so-rich people, would have left long before they had their second drink, feeling foolish for coming every time.  Those were the twice a month senior Wentworth parties.  Parties that I, of course, had only heard of through the grapevine.   The parties that I saw, and remember vividly still, were the parties of the Wentworth Boys.

     The parties that the Boys threw were far more exclusive than their parents’ were.  Only the most influential and popular boys from our town were invited.  The Wentworth Boys themselves were the only ones who could invite the girls to their parties.  No other male guest was allowed to bring a date even if you were going steady with someone.  Spencer Wentworth, the eldest of the three, made these rules to work in his favour.  There was usually one boy for every two to three girls, once all the guests had arrived.  Most of the girls were from town, but a few were from neighboring cities.  The parties would begin at 8:30pm, just as the senior Wentworths were leaving for one of their own events.  Just as precisely as they started, they ended at the stroke of midnight, when most of the guests would squeeze into various vehicles, and head down to the beach.  If it was late spring to early fall, the beach parties lasted until breakfast.  The parties during winter would end around 3am, when the guests would break up into couples.  Every year, every party, things would always go according to the Wentworth Boys’ plan.

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