Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy International Women's Day from Me

 March is Women's History Month and March Eighth is International Women's Day.  So first, Happy IWD! Second, I know, a day? A month? That's it? Here's how I see it...every day for me is about being a woman and having to live life with that in mind.  Not just a woman but a woman of colour and also first generation Canadian.  All of those things can seem like an anchor or a wall but for me they are a swing rope.  I have always done the right thing, gone through the proper channels and work hard to achieve everything I have in life.  If I am honest sometimes I want to push through the line and be something great - someone that made a difference.  But if you don't work for it, have the passion to be all you can be and believe in yourself it's not really your success.  My gender or race may keep me from some hurdles but that is only because I refuse to fight for it.  While I think some hurdles will always remain hurdles - I do think most of what is out there can be taken by anyone.  I see someone like Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou - women of colour and they soared so why can't  I even try for it.  

*        *       *       *        *         *        *         *

Do me a favour...every day when you wake up name one thing you like about yourself.

Do me another solid...every night before bed name one good thing you did that day.

Do it for a few months and tell me how you feel...It's something I am trying starting week.  Sometimes as women we are overcritical of ourselves in varied ways and don't see that we already great.

*        *       *       *        *         *        *         *

One last thought on being a woman...let's prop each other up.  We have had enough tearing down that we need to stand up for one another and praise when praise isn't needed.  Be genuine and kind with one another.  Just saying "that's a nice shirt" goes a long way.

k (My Novelesque Life)

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