Monday, 7 March 2016

Love Letters Via Social Media: Swoon?

Earlier this week as I was scrolling through Facebook, wasting time that I probably could have used for something constructive (but, meh, who am I kidding I would have wasted that time doing something else just as ridiculous), and saw another headline for Mr and Mrs. Tatum.  Was it just last week or so that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum were on Lip-sync Battle and then all over social media for their dancing moves?  I just watched the clips on Facebook, and as racy as some of it was, I found that they were just so darn cute! When you see the two together you see the friendship and love the two must feel for one another.  It is really the definition of adorbs! Then a hour later...I totally forgot about it.  Then this week I saw another thing on the Tatums and was curious to see what's up.  Channing had taken couple of photos of Jenna and then captioned each one with words worthy of romantic poets.  Swoon.  I swooned.  I don't really swoon...gush maybe, well a 4 to 5 star book or TV show.  This was a true Nicholas Spark movie moment...with real people (well, celebrity version of real people).
For those who don't know who the Tatums are

I know you are thinking, really? PDA in written and visual form is swoon-worthy?  It's nice to see that in the world of the Kardashians, and near-naked barely out of their teens stars, that something simple and sweet as a love note from a husband to his wife is still worth writing about. He sees his wife as the most beautiful person inside and out and he's not taking it for granted.  We see in the world of social media people writing odes to their loved ones and some get cynical about it.  With cyber bullying and trolling I am happy to see people giving shout outs and love letters of sort.  We can't always put our heart out to someone in person but writing it out seems easier. And, I will admit I am one of those people.  I'm better with the written feelings than say to your face ones.  On days you feel like a blob that can't do anything right it's nice seeing that post from your loved one. To know that there is a person out there that sees in rose-coloured glasses and will go social media record, ha. (Jenna is clearly gorgeous but I am sure in the celebrity world still has blob days like any other girl). So next time your significant other puts you on their social media post - instead of rolling your eyes with embarrassment go ahead swoon!

For those that missed that post Channing loves Jenna

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