Monday, 7 March 2016

My First Letter to You

Dear baby k,

A few nights ago I found out that you will be existing in the world soon.  Obviously, I was excited to hear this because well, you will be the offspring of my bestie.  Then to hear you will be a girl just...set everything right with the world.  I know you will be a reader.  I hope you will be a writer too.  Not just a book writer but someone who expresses themselves in writing.  I am happy, that along with your mom, I will get to introduce to great writers, books and hopefully other pop culture tidbits.

Here is some bad news - life is tough, especially for women.  We always have to be aware of our surroundings and worker harder.  The good news is you will have strong women in your life to help you navigate through the wonderful yet odd world we live in. I am worrier...I can't help but worry so don't stress as I will stress for you.

I cannot wait to meet you and see how you grow to be the fabulous person I know you will be.  I cannot wait to be your crazy book "aunt" who takes you on play dates to the library, museum, bookstore or a play.  I do promise to not embarrass....much, and will always be there for you.

I could go on forever but I just wanted to know you I already think the world of Jo, Anne, Scout.


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