Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Tea: Thoughts and Such

How I would be painted while I am reading.
Sorry I missed out on Feature Friday but I was caught up in a reading night.  I was supposed to read Northern Lights by Nora Roberts for a Goodreads' group read last month so I had some catching up to do, lol.  With my gingerbread tea I had a night in. Yesterday, I was busy organizing my reviews for the rest of the month and also cleaned up some of ongoing reads.  My ongoing reads are those that I read on and off over several months (or books I started and left hanging for various of reasons).  A lot of my ongoing reads are those that I cannot read in one shot - more like reference type books.  If you are curious to see what I finished please visit my Goodreads' page.

 Today my allergies flared up again so I stayed in my day pjs all day BUT instead of reading (well, listening to my audio book) I started to listen to a podcast, The Serial.  A friend had recommended it awhile back so I finally got to it today when I finished all my Old Time Radio Mysteries. And, I listened to all day pretty much.  It's like Making a Murder addicting! The Serial is about a journalist, Sarah Koenig, who gets obsessed by the case of Hae Min Lee - who disappeared on January 13, 1999 and was founded murdered.  Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed is soon arrested and convicted for her murder based on his friend's testimony that he helped Adnan bury her.  Koenig looks back at the case talking to all the people who were around these three people and what they think happened.  Is Adnan innocent of Hae's murder or is rightly convicted? I won't give away any spoilers but you have to listen to this one if you like a mystery and/or true crime stories.  Koenig and her crew make you feel apart of the case.  As if you are solving the mystery with them.  Basically, you feel invested in the story and these people's lives.  

I write because I cannot help it.

To change gears slightly I wanted to announce in today's Sunday Tea that I have decided to merge my writing blog (My Novelesque Scribbling) with my book blog and also add other features like television series, movies (classic and new), and whatever comes along my way.  When I am writing a review or a free flow essay, poem or short story I am writing.  I am a writer. Even if I never make a living out of it, it is what I do.  I cannot help but write.  Before laptops were affordable I scribbled away all the much so I had then get physio for my hand.  If I am going to pick it up again I may as well go forth and put my whole soul on the line.  

Night! See you tomorrow for Mystery Monday :)

k (My Novelesque Life)

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