Thursday, 10 March 2016

Throwback Thursday: Fear Nothing or Maybe Everything!

Review from January 5, 2014:

Two nights ago I stayed up till 1 am to finish FEAR NOTHING as I could not go to sleep until I knew the identity of the murderer. Then when I did finished I was a bit creeped out...

(D.D. Warren: #7)
Written by Lisa Gardner

2014; 416 Pages Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)

Rating: ★
D.D. Warren has been injured quite badly on the job and lives in pain every moment of the day.  As she goes forth with personal therapy she also tries to remember what happened that night she fell down the stairs.  Her superior suggests she should try Dr. Adeline Glen to manage her pain.

Adeline Glen has a rare condition where she is unable to feel pain.  She must constantly monitor her actions in order to be aware of danger as her body cannot let her know. Adeline's life has been rare - her father was a serial killer who killed himself once the police were on to him, her mother died in an institution, she was adopted by a doctor who wanted to keep her alive and an older sister that is in prison for killing a boy when she was fourteen. Decades later she, Shana is still in prison for murdering guards in prison.  Shana's only monthly visitor is Adeline.

30 years after Shana's first murder women are being murdered and skin flayed like their father had done and Shana herself.  One is dead and the other in prison so who is killer?  

D.D. gets involved in solving the crime despite her injury and starts looking at Day family and their secrets.  Can she discover the killer before she or another woman is murdered?  

I was intrigued with this novel for so many reasons.  Adeline's condition was so interesting and how she had to live her day to day life.  Adeline was a hard character to completely like as she had some odd activities she liked to engage in.  Yet, I found myself feeling sorry for her too, as she is alone and her past seems to always be so present.  Shana is a perfect character to dissect and dislike at the same time.  She is hostile and a killer but her upbringing makes you wonder if she could have been any other way.  Poor D.D. is injured and is almost sidelined but yay she pushes her way into the case.  
Drop Everything And Read!

The suspense in this novel was crazy...I was constantly trying to figure it all out but then gave up when the twists kept turning me around to the point I was getting dizzy.  A great suspense mystery thriller that will have you up all night trying to finish the novel to reveal the killer!

k (My Novelesque Life)

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