Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Two Reviews for Tuesday!

Written by Joanna Connors
April 2016; 272 Pages
Genre: nonfiction, crime, memoir

Rating: ★★★1/2

In 1984, a reviewer for a newspaper, Joanna Connors is raped in empty University theater.  Her rapist is caught the next day and is convicted 30-75 years in prison.  After her last day in court, Joanna decides to put away the rape incident but it actually takes over her life for the next twenty years.  When her college bound daughter is looking at University, she decides to tell her and her son about being raped so they can understand her anxiety and actions.  This only leads her to think she needs closure.  For that closure, as a reporter, she decides to find her rapist - to understand but to more so to heal.

This is Joanna's personal account of one of the most influential incidents in her life. She wrote this not just for herself but for other survivors.  So how do I rate or review this book? If you are looking for a engaging crime memoir, this is not it.  This is written like a very well edited journal. You have to let go of your views a bit and just go on Joanna's journey with her.  This is a good book for women to read because it is a honest and emotional account of something a lot of women go through.  It gives you tools to be kind to people because you don't truly know someone's story.

For me personally, this book along with some other books I have read recently, have opened my eyes to my truths.  To be continued in next post!

k (My Novelesque Life)

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