Friday, 3 June 2016

Free Thought Friday: It's Not About How Not to Get Raped but Not to Rape

It is terrifying and sickening how many sexual assaults are being hidden by post secondary institutions.  They are not only misreporting sexual assault stats, but they are discouraging women to not pursue justice AND treating them like offenders and essentially assaulting them again.  While I was attending an university I felt safe and made it through my education without any incidents.  Yay me.  The only thing that separates me from those who were assaulted is just luck.  There is nothing they did that put them in harms way but existing and being a female.  I think it is important for everyone to believe in those women that report rape.  We need to listen and demand justice...some consequence that prohibits this behaviour further.  If no one else, we women need to stand up/by/for women. 

I highly recommend We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out by Annie E. Clark and Andrea Pino.  In this book they share their stories along with many other survivors.  They share stories of being happy students attending their dream school  and having those schools treat them horribly when they are raped by other students.  It's difficult to read at times as you go through so many emotions. I think it is important for women and parents of daughters to read.

Coincidentally, I picked up Allison Leotta's newest Anna Curtis novel, The Last Good Girl,  and it involved campus sexual assaults.  Reading this novel in the middle of reading We Believe You just heightened my anger and sadness.  The way schools react to anyone who stands up against their rapists or stand with the victim is the worst part of the situation. There is more information on how to defend yourself against sexual assault accusations instead of what to do when you are a victim of rape. 


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