Thursday, 9 June 2016

Throwback Thursday: Childhood Summers

While this book is set in present time...I chose this as a throwback review because it reminded me of my summer reading when I was a kid. 

Written by Ally Condie

March 2016, 2016; 272 Pages
Genre: middle school, young adult, fiction, contemporary


After a car accident kills both Cedar's father and brother, Cedar, her mother, and youngest brother, Miles must continue on with their lives.  Cedar's mother buys a house close to her family and a place where they can spend the summers.  As they get settled in for the rest of the summer she notices a boy her age cycling past her house everyday in old fashion clothes.  One day, out of curiosity, she follows the Nerd-on-a-Bike to see where he goes.  She discovers that the Summerlost Festival is in town and soon finds herself at twelve with a job.  Leo, Nerd-on-a-Bike, and Cedar start to spend every day together, keeping herself busy and maybe get on with her life.
My Library Copy

I loved this book.  This is the kind of book I would have taken out as a kid and read every summer.  It has heart, a small mystery, and Shakespeare!  I found the novel realistic and fun...loved the characterizations and interactions between characters.  I highly recommend this book for ages 8-13, but it is also a fun book to read with kids...a parent/child summer book club maybe?

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