Friday, 17 June 2016

Throwback Thursday: Historical Summer Reads!


1. INTO THE WILDERNESS (#1) Sara Donati
Set in late 18th century America - the historical research is great and the story is even better.  Donati borrows a little from James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans. The hero in Into the Wilderness story is the son of Hawkeye (the main character from The Last of the Mohicans). I have read the first novel several times and is a favourite.
 2. COLD MOUNTAIN by Charles Frazier
Set in the South during the Civil War - it is a love story but also about quests and getting through the worst of times.  I really liked the movie as well.
 3. FALLING ANGELS by Tracy Chevalier
Set in Britain, early twentieth century - a look at women and equality - a great book that takes you into the suffragette movement.
 4. WE ARE ALL WELCOME HERE by Elizabeth Berg
This one is set in Mississippi, 1964 - and the story of three women trying to live in a time of change.  One of my favourite novels by Berg - who is a must read for me.  
 5. ALIAS GRACE by Margaret Atwood
Set in the 1840 in Upper Canada, this is based on true events.  What I found intriguing about this novel was trying to figure out if Grace was a victim or the mastermind.  


1. THE WAR AGAINST MISS. WINTER (#1) Kathryn Miller Haines
Set in 1943, New York City - in the thick of WWII, a struggling actress finds herself solving murders. It reminds me of the movie Stage Door and I enjoy Rosie's humour.
2. COCAINE BLUES (#1) Kerry Greenwood
1920s, Melbourne, Australia - a wealthy woman becomes involved in solving murders - I love this series as it witty and entertaining.  The cast of secondary characters really make this series a favourite for me.  
3. AND ONLY TO DECEIVE (#1) Tasha Alexander
Set in Victorian, England where the newly widowed, Emily is ready to shed societal norms and stand on her own.  As soon as I open one of the books in this series I get transported right into the novel.
4. MAISIE DOBBS (#1) Jacqueline Winspear
Set in post-WWI, England - a young nurse turned psychological detective is trying to get on with her life after all she experienced in the Great War.
5. RULES OF MURDER (#1) Julianna Deering
Set in 1930s, England - a mystery series that reminds me of Agatha Christie meets Dashiell Hammett.  


1. THE DARKNESS KNOWS (#1) Cheryl Honigford
Takes place in Chicago, 1938 - a new historical mystery series!
2. A DEADLY AFFECTION by Cuyler Overholt
Takes place in New York, 1907 - first book by Overholt and is a historical mystery - unsure if it will a series.
3. THE ATOMIC WEIGHT OF LOVE by Elizabeth J. Church
Set from WWII to 1970s, United States - a historical fiction novel about the roles of women.
4. THE KITCHEN HOUSE (#1) Kathleen Grissom
Set in the South in the late 1700s - a bit of an older book but have been hearing great things about it from friends and the sequel has just been released this year (Glory Over Everything Else)
5. MARLENE by C.W. Gortner
Set in the 20th century, Europe and USA - a fictionalize look at Marlene Dietrich - I love books that reimagine a person's life.

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  1. Thanks so much for including Rules of Murder on your list.

    I see a lot of books and series here I'm going to have to try.

    Woot! :D

  2. My pleasure! I am a big fan of this series :) I hope you enjoy the ones you have not read.