Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wooing Wednesday: Love of Sisters

Written by Emilie Richards
MAY 31, 2016; 496 Pages
Genre: contemporary fiction

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS in exchange for an honest review.)
When We Were Sisters is told from three point of views - Robin, her husband, Kris, and her foster sister, Cecelia.  Robin and Cecelia have been sisters since they met in a foster home.  Both were abandoned by their families and had no one to turn to but each other.  Robin's husband Kris works all the time and she finds herself holding her family together.  After almost dying in a car accident Robin starts to wonder if she needs more in her life. Cecelia has a perfect plan - come work on a documentary about foster care.  When Kris balks at the idea of taking care of his children and working less Robin is only more determined to go.  The question they both ask themselves is..."what will be left when Robin comes home?"

Right off I did not care for Kris and was greatly annoyed with his attitude towards his family.  As the story progressed I began to respect him as he started to learn what was important to him.  I think Robin was not as honest with Kris as he was with her.  I also enjoyed the story line and relationship between Cecelia and Robin but I found at times it went on a bit too long.  I think those parts of the story could have been edited a bit further.  I did enjoy the book and recommend it to those who like contemporary fiction.

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