Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wooing Wednesday: True Betrayals

2005 Reissue
Written by Nora Roberts

1995; 400 Pages
Genre: romance, contemporary, mystery


Now when I start a Nora Roberts (standalone) novel I go into the book with the mindset of this is a contemporary romance with a slight mystery in the background.  With that in mind, I find that I am really enjoying the books.  A new book friend told me this is her favourite NR novel and I am happy to say it's on the favourites list for me too.

Kelsey Byden went to pick up her mail and was expecting divorce papers but instead finds a letter from her mother...who she thought was dead.  After confronting her beloved father, Philip, she finds out that not only is her mother alive, but she was once in prison for murder.  Curiosity can't keep her away so she heads down to Naomi Chadwick's horse farm.  At first there is
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some tension but Kelsey thinks there is more to the murder and wants to give Naomi a chance.  As she learns more about Naomi and the past she finds herself loving the mother that abandoned her.  Also keeping her on the farm are the horses and neighbour, Gabe Slater. Gabe also has a troubled past so she finds in him understanding and love.  Just when things could not get any better there is a murder, an angry grandmother, another murder and secrets.

Right from page one there is a great hook that keeps you until the last page.  I love Kelsey's spunk and fiery passion.  Her chemistry with Gabe is hot! Gabe on his own is very steamy indeed.  I enjoyed how Naomi and Kelsey started to become mother and in daughter - and their shared passion of horses.  I loved to hate Millicent...who makes my own paternal grandmother look like a saint.  I recommend this novel to all contemporary romance lovers!

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