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Fan Fiction Friday: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Here is the review you have all been waiting for...

(Harry Potter: #8)
Written by Jack Thorne
Based on story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany
July 2016; 343 Pages
Genre: fantasy, fiction

First, while I would never win a Harry Potter trivia contest, I am still a big fan of HP, the characters, books, movies and even have the Funko Pop! figurines. 

Second, this book is in PLAY format so what you get is what the characters say and some stage direction.  If you don't care for play format, please do not read.

Third, Jack Thorne is the playwright.  Rowling's came up with the idea with Thorne and John Tiffany and has given her approval.  If you are looking for Rowling's writing and words, you may want to pass on this one.

Fourth, is really a suggestion - for maximum enjoyment, you may wish to read this book as fan fiction than the eighth book.

Fifth, while I love that this story is continuing and that there is a play - which I am dying to see - I am a bit sad that it wasn't also made into a novelized format.  While Thorne did a great job with the play format, I really wanted the descriptions that Rowlings gives to each character, situation and place.  I feel like we, the reader would have gotten a lot more enjoyment and imagination from this story.

Sixth, the play takes off where the seventh novel ends...Albus Severus Potter is now attending Hogworts and his experience is nothing like his father. I liked the idea and had we had more description I think more people would have liked it.  We get just the words, not always the context, so some things seem more abrupt and not what the character would say. 

Seventh, Ron's character seems forced into the story and more like the twins than Ron.  I did enjoy meeting the grown-up Draco and I have to say I love his son, Scorpius (which is not surprisingly, as I loved Hermione's nerdiness).  

Eighth, I love Hermione, even in her adult years she is kick-ass! I cannot wait to see Noma Dumezweni as Hermoine in the play.

Ninth, would I recommend this book? That is a great question and it is a hard one to answer as a collective.  I would compare this to my recommendation of Go Set a Watchman.  As a HP fan you will be reading this no matter what format it is in.  Like I said previous, I would read this as a fan fiction approved by J.K. Rowling so that it does not drive you crazy! If you are not a HP fan and not an avid reader, read something you actually want to read.  I enjoyed this story but it is my least favourite in the series and I won't be rereading for awhile.  It was an okay book, but glad I read it.

Finally, tenth, pay no mind to the snobs and die-hard fans - think what you want about it.  Let me know what you think, as I love hearing other people's thoughts and what I might have missed.

k (My Novelesque Life)

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