Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wooing Wednesday with Daughters of the Bride

(Los Lobos: #3; Standalone)
Written by Susan Mallery
July 12, 2016; 400 Pages
Genre: contemporary romance, fiction

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS and NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)


After 24 years of being a widow, Maggie is getting married and her daughters could not be happier for their mother.  Rachel, the eldest, cannot get over her ex-husband, Greg.  Greg was Rachel's first and only love and broke her heart by cheating on her.  They share a young son so Greg is forever in her life.  After hurting her back again, Greg starts to step up.  Sienna has been engaged twice and soon finds herself engaged again.  She cannot say no to David as he proposes at her mother's engagement party in front of everyone.  And, saying no now means another failure.  Courtney, the youngest, has always been underestimated so it's no surprise she doesn't have great confidence in herself.  She is trying to get her diploma in Business, while secretly coordinating her mother's wedding, and trying to have no strings fling with Quinn.   Can they all find their happily ever after...or at least be in the same room without the wedding approaches?

First...this novel is technically the third book in Mallery's Los Lobos series but other than Gracie making a very small appearance there is no real connection.  I rarely say this...but this time this novel could be read as a standalone.

Second...I have been a reading sort of funk.  Nothing is really agreeing with me, and Susan Wigg's Family Tree had me right turned off with the romance.  And, if you read my last two personal essays you can guess romance in general might turn me off.  So on my day off today I went out to the deck and read this book in one setting. It was exactly what I needed...a good book with fun characters trying to figure out the same stuff I am.  I am a bit envious of the ending, but I kind of needed the HEA (Happily Ever After) today.  I would recommend this book for a summer August comes to an end.

Third...on Instagram I posted this picture:

And, Susan Mallery wished me "Happy reading!"


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