Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fiction on Wooing Wednesday

FREE FLOW WRITING EXERCISE (15 minutes of writing)
Written by Kris Kaila

I sometimes think I am alone. That weird kind of everyone is around but you still feel alone.  With the long commute, traffic, packing for the weekend I arrived about 33 minutes later that I thought I would.  She's not happy.  I am not guessing, it is the first thing she asked me.

"You said you would be here at 5."
"That's what I thought initially, but then..."
"Why didn't you pack yesterday before bed?"
"I was tired so I read my book and went to bed."
"So you time to read but not pack?"

And, now I am sitting alone.  Waiting for what? A great weekend where we will do something fun, hang out laughing or spend time alone? Most likely I will face "the consequences" of my actions.  I knew I should have packed when I got home.  Damn, Karin Slaughter for writing must-read books. She's now in her hobby room, not being here.  I could turn on the TV but then I will be watching something without her.  Not sharing our time and experience with the television.  I could read...but that might remind her further I was late.  Looking at my phone is definitely out as then I should spend time with the person I am texting, or be the man-whore for wanting attention by posting ANYTHING on social media.  I am not going to win tonight.  I am going to sit on the bed.  When she comes in I will have a big smile on my face and be super positive and flirty. As the door opens and I am about to say "I missed you" I see that her eyes have changed.  They have this glassy-I'm-trying-to-look-straight-but-look-shift glare.  She's had something to drink already. And, I know tonight is will be gone.  I just have to get her to the bed and make sure she is safe and asleep.  After I get her clothes off and pjs on, I shut the lights at 7pm.  I put on my iPad and finish Karin Slaughter's book.


New Poem (still within the 15 min and Free Flow)

 I hear in my head your voice so hard
"If people only knew you really are."
I wonder then...what would people think?
Do I play the victim? Blame others for my own flaws?
Are my perceptions so wrong that I have build my
panic and fear on clouds that really float apart?

I hear in my head your voice so pained
"If people only knew what you said...what you write me"
I ponder then...what would people think?
I say cruel things to make you see me.
I write down your faults so you can feel what I am saying.
Instead of begging at your feet I tear you down to my level.

I hear in my head your voice so malicious.
"If you were only like other girls...any other girl"
 I wonder then...would you loved me better..or at all?
What makes me less than others? What have I done so wrong?
I want to be everything you want to be wanted...loved by you.

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