Sunday, 11 September 2016

My Own Writing: Free Flow Exercises

I have been playing some true crime shows in the background while blogging and on Goodreads.  Cruelty is an interesting do people gravitate or choose it over kindness.  Should that not be our natural tendency? 

Here is one scene I keep seeing in my head.  I am mostly writing this down to banish it from my mind.  I'm going to write some free flow stuff this week.  I am gearing up for a writing contest and need some motivation as everything seems stupid when I start to write.  Bear with me.

Written by Kris Kaila

He watches her shoulders shake with her crying.  He finds her unattractive.  Does she think her crying will make him comfort her? The thought of holding her while she sobbed made him sick.  Her grandmother died.  It's sad, yes but she's from an older generation.  She still has her parents, so what's her problem?  She doesn't know loss.  I lost my father when I was just in my teens.  I had to grow up quick.  What makes her think she can use this and her "mental illness" to win this fight.  God, I am so sick watching her.  She's crazy is what she is.  Always crying over the loss of her grandmother and saying I don't love her or treat her well.  How can I treat her like princess when she is sitting there like that? She's gained weight...I can see her middle spill over her underwear...another thing she says is due to her grandmother.  I guess I should be lucky she doesn't have her make up running down her face...IF she EVER wore make up.  Oh my god, she is still crying....wailing more like it.  Does she know she is making me sick?  I could use a drink right...gawd her fat is jiggling...I might need something harder.  I want to fling her out of my room but how will that look to others? Why doesn't she go? I told her I don't care.  I made her choose to come here or not to bother to show up at all.  She actually came...didn't she know what I was trying to tell her? Your grandmother has been dead for a few months..."GET OVER IT!!!" Now what?  I have to go pee. I could pat her on her shoulder. Yeah, that seems good. I reach out...pat, pat.

Now she is looking at me like I am her savior...she's not going to go is she? Well, I am getting hungry.  Maybe she will buy us sushi if I tell her to.  I mean if I point out I want to take her out but I don't have cash right now as I paid my rent.  She's not that bad looking.  Plus, there is guaranteed sex, and she is not bad at that...when I tell her what to do.  I'm comforting her.  She is sad and I am being a good boyfriend.

"I love you, babe.  It's going to be all right," I say, brushing her hair back. "You hungry?"

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