Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Uncoupling of Brangelina or Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Give Shit

AJ I think is great and brave!
I am not one for scandals...let me rephrase that...I will totally gossip about a scandal but at the end of the day I could really give shit who the bad guy is because people are not that one-sided.  I have always had to defend my admiration of Angelina Jolie, especially the whole cheating thing.  I admire Angelina for her charity work, her love of children and her misunderstood-ness.  She's a rebel because she does things her way.  I like Jennifer Aniston too, mostly for Friends, but lately for standing up for herself.  Brad Pitt? Well, he was more interesting with Jolie and again is charitable.  Jennifer Aniston, for those who didn't get the memo, is happy.  She is getting paid to do what she loves and has love in her life.  Whether Jolie and Pitt divorce only effects those in the family.  I don't know what the issue is and don't want to pry or spread more garbage.  I hope they can remain friendly enough for the children and that they find happiness once again.  Life changes are some hard-core shit, and being famous, well that is a whole other level of shit.  I still stand by my admiration of her...I won't judge her for her stumbles, but how she arises from it. (But secretly am bummed about the marriage as I was hoping it would be like my heroes - Woodward and Newman).

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