Friday, 16 September 2016

Thoughts and Musings

Messages in the wind...

I am not mad you for the reason you think I am...I am disappointed that you would leave me to face this alone.  That your show of anger is more important to you than standing beside me in the trenches.  You have let me down in that you become the thing you were accused of and must take all of us down.  Instead of standing up and cutting it off you let it fester and become an explosion.  I am the person in the middle that feels both sides and must keep it to myself, suppress my anger and fear, and be practical and good.


Where does the love go when you don't want me anymore
Where does my love go when I don't have it to give to you
How can you give up so easily when I stayed and held you up
How can you go when I can only stay
Why did you break vows when I kept all my promises
Why do I care when you don't


Dear You,

I never knew this when you were here...I am like you.  I spent my years wondering who was I like, and why I was so different, but I never saw the answer.  You are the reason I am me.  I write words, you tell tales.  I care too much that it makes my heart ache sometimes, and so did your heart.  We take care of ourselves and make sure other looked after.  We love with our hearts on our sleeves, but can also be quick to be cold when hurt.  We demand high standards in ourselves and others.  We judge when we shouldn't, but also love everyone the same.  I am the good in you, and the flaws we share are in me to not pass on.  You taught me hard work, passion, storytelling and love.  You gave me my mother - so thank you.


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