Friday, 16 September 2016

Writing Exercise -15 Minutes - continuing story

As the wind blew, her eighties teased hair moved not an inch. While the front was hair-sprayed to death with a few pieces dangling in her eyes, pretending to be the bangs of an 80s rock band member.  The back - well, she must not a mirror that shows the back.  It looks as though a bird attacked her from behind and left only wreckage behind.  She brushes her index finger beneath her lower lashes.  A piece of her 8-layered mascara has fallen in her eye. This is not new to her.  It has become a reflex.  The spider-like lashes start to flake off the mascara, she brushes it aside, a-la lower eyeliner.  Why doesn't she notice the jet black flakes on her cheekbones?  When she starts to put on her mascara I want to grab the wand and shake it at her.  ONE COAT! Just ONE coat is enough...maybe two, but gently applied.  It seems like she has 45 tubes of mascara - all jet black promising to strengthen and lengthen her lashes.  But then again, the tarantula legs go well with the over-applied blush that makes her seem like she came in from the cold or has had a bit too much.  Her bra is a hand me down from her sister and has her large bosoms swimming and sway in the thick stiff cups of her bra.  It becomes like a game....when will her boobs spill over?  I know I sound like a mean girl and shouldn't really talk as I swing to the other side.  It's just that I look at her and she can be pretty if she toned down everything.   I want her to be her best and have people see her that way, but I can't say anything. First, all her sisters and few of her older nieces have the EXACT same look.  Second, I am in the in-law.  And, so I grit my teeth smile and say "You look great."  She might be doing the same to me.  I have my hair too short in her opinion, and my husband's.  With my colouring and skin I can get away with thin eye-liner, one coat of mascara - black or clear - a bit of pink eye shadow and red-pink lipstick.  While I always wear nail polish my nails are kept short and I use my body lotion as my scent.  When my mother-in-law puts on perfume, the block knows it, but it keeps all rodents at bay. While her clothes are tight mine are loose and probably adds 5 pounds to my already curvy body. 

We get along.  We keep our real thoughts of one another to ourselves and so we can get together and not dislike one another.  I shouldn't complain really.  She lives miles and miles away from my husband and I.  When we first dated, my husband lived with his mother so I saw her a lot.  Seeing someone that much kind of gives you an eyeful of that persons flaws - and how much you want to be with your significant other.  He could become this woman one day - minus the make up and boobs...well, I hope.  When he would be away from the home she would tell me all about her life and her children's.  Things my husband and I had not talked about yet.  After so many of these TMI conversations, I finally broke and had a huge fight with him.  It wasn't about him really, but it was because of him I was breaking.  To his credit, he heard me and so he found his own place and 6 months later we were engaged and then soon after married.  For that concession I have promised myself to be the best wife and daughter-in-law when we have to attend events together.  Tit for tat, after all. 


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