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Thanksgiving Books to Read with Your Kids!

I am a big fan of most holidays...and love tradition (if you have not already figured that out).  Holidays were always big in my family and we celebrated Thanksgiving for a long while until we literally could not fit the whole family in one house.  Since then some of our family has continued on with having their on traditions.  For the past 4 years I have had celebrated Thanksgiving at Derek and his mother's place.  Every year I would ask to help and would get the customary, "I've got it, but thanks." And, then the next day Derek would hear from a relative how none of us helped.  So last year I bullied my way in to making the dessert and help set up decorations.  It was a bit better but still feel like the guest of a guest, but using the host's kitchen.  My mom, or my mom and I, would do our dinner on Halloween as I wasn't home on the day, and Derek was not one for coming over to my place. 

So I decided this year - no matter what happens - I am having Thanksgiving dinner my way and with my parents.  On my day off Wednesday, I put up the Halloween decorations, bought the turkey and all it's trimming and invited some dear friends.  Today I was able to bake some treats and make some of the trimmings (so I don't forget anything tomorrow).  Early in the morning as I look through my emails and have tea and breakfast, in goes the turkey for the main event.  I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year! And, I did it all on my own and my way.  Derek is invited but we won't hold our breath :) Another new tradition for a book addict is books about Thanksgiving! Here are some picture book ideas to read to the kid in your life. 

1982 edition - Image from Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Written by Eileen Spinelli 
Illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
1982, 32 Pages
Harper Trophy
Genre: fiction, holiday, picture book, children, thanksgiving, 

Every year the Tapplestons' have a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. This year it seems like nothing goes right.  The turkey is now at the bottom of the pond, the pies have been sold out, the salad fed to the rabbits and the mashed potatoes, well they didn't make it to the table either.  As Uncle Fritz's stomach growls and Grandfather is hungry as an elephant times four, Grandmother reminds them of the real meaning behind Thanksgiving:

Turkeys come and turkeys go
And trimmings can be lost, we know.
But we're together,
That's all that matters -
Not what's served upon the platters.
At the end of the day, no matter how things turn out with the feast it is the time together with the people you love that matters.  I missed having dinner with my parents, hosting and being surrounded by family.  I will miss Derek as much as I missed my parents but this time it's his decision to be together on the holidays or not.  I loved the illustrations that remind me of my childhood, and as I read the book it seemed like something I had read as a kid.  It was written in 1982, so very possible.  I hope you get a chance to read this amazingly fun book.

Newer Edition Image from Harper Collins

Here is a YouTube video of the book, but it is a later editions.  The illustrations in my library copy were older and different. 

Image from Goodreads
Written by Barbara Greenwood
Illustrations by Heather Collins
1999; 48 Pages
Kids Can Press
Genre: nonfiction, activities, cooking, children, holiday, thanksgiving

A good book to get into the spirit of the holiday! Greenwood provides you some history on how pioneers celebrated the Harvest.  You also get some activities and recipes from that time.  This book would work with younger kids as it is not very long and is easy to understand. 

*Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in Canada) and I will be featuring a review from one of my favourite authors and Thanksgiving book...stay tuned!

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